Chicago from Cube Cities

Watch a City Grow

Chicago from Cube CitiesThe folks at a company called Cube Cities have made some interesting videos that illustrate the growth of some big cities – so you can watch a flat city without structures “grow” buildings and become a metropolis. With bold colored boxes representing the heights of buildings that sprang up over time, you can see the speedy development. It seems that once it gets going in a city, there is a building frenzy.

It would be great if the date was shown on the video so you can see when there were big boomtimes and building was crazy busy. Meanwhile, you can get a sense of how little space is left in the downtown areas of these large cities.
And then you can start to understand how expensive the land is where the buildings are built…because the less there is of something the more that it costs. Just like diamonds and gold.

See the youtube video of the City of Chicago as it was built, right here.