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WOODn’t you love this place?

Tree Trunk slice imageOnce we visited England and we went to the sweet and great Roald Dahl Museum. He wrote classic books, like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Fantastic Mr. Fox” as well as many other great ones.
Anyway, the museum is in the town where Mr. Dahl lived and his house is still there. In the garden, there is a little structure, known as his “writing hut” where Roald Dahl would site each day – yes, he had a ritual of writing each day – yes, that is why he wrote a lot  and a lot of great stuff.

Well, this writing hut is just a teeny little room with a great big chair in it and a few other items. Roald Dahl liked to sit in this chair, with a board on his lap and write. He did not sit at a desk. (We prefer to sit at the kitchen table to work, how about you?)

If you visit the museum, you can sit on a chair just like his and see what it feels like to write in a chair with a board over the arms and all.

ANYWAY, back to architecture, right? This little hut has been a sort of dreamy place for us. Thinking about building a small structure in a yard that allows you to go and sit and think and write, or draw, or design.

SO, when we came upon the photos of this incredible writing hut, we thought we had to show it, It was designed a number of years ago by a Dutch designer named Peit Hein Eek. Take a peek at this work by Eek.