3D printed apartment building

What? A 3D-Printed Apartment Building?

3D printed apartment buildingYessir, that is what the headline reads: “World’s first 3D-printed apartment building constructed in China” – what the heck?
A Chinese company, named WinSun, built a five story building with 3-D printed materials. It was built out of recycled building materials.Pieces were printed with a giant printer and then brought to the building site.

Production began with a computer-aided design drawing which then was read by the 3-D printer and then the “ink” that was used was the recycled construction materials, which built layer upon layer of material to build the walls and other parts of the structure.
Once the pieces were placed together, there was steel inserted into the walls for strength, insulation and windows and doors, as well as piping for electrical and plumbing.

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