build a closet

Change Your Space

build a closetSometimes, you can control your own architecture. What we mean is, you might not have the qualifications (yet) to design a skyscraper, but you can design and change the space where you live. So here is a teeny project that you might try if you have some space in your own room.
Try this do-it-yourself (DIY) project that could change your whole space.
hanging rackA designer in the Netherlands, named Ivania Carpio came up with the idea for a hanging rack and it looks pretty neat. In fact it looks pretty and neat. If you are used to going into your room and throwing your clothes all over, this might convince you to hang them up and then you can look at your room differently and maybe design other parts of it.
What do you need?
2 tubes, approximately 6.5 ft length
2 tubes of 3.5ft length
4 3 way joints for plumbing tubes
a roll of tape

Here are the instructions and photos.

No need for fancy tools, you can just assemble these parts and start cleaning up your room. With all that cleared up space, you might decide to move your bed, build some shelves or cut out windows in a wall you couldn’t see before. Pretty neat.