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Change Your Space

Sometimes, you can control your own architecture. What we mean is, you might not have the qualifications (yet) to design a skyscraper, but you can design and change the space where you live. So here is a teeny project that you might try if you have some space in your own room. Try this do-it-yourself […]

Houses of Paper

This Japanese architecture firm has designed some really interesting projects, including this project in Japan, which was built as temporary housing after a natural disaster. The architecture firm, called Shigeru Ban Architects is very successful at building projects out of paper and cardboard. Especially since paper and cardboard are easy to manufacture and recyclable too. […]

A Jumpy Wall

This wall seems to be nervous…when you approach it, it starts to jump and move! Designed by an architecture firm in New York called nARCHITECTS, the wall is made of foam and a bunch of electronic sensors that can tell when someone is near it. Once it senses you, it causes the foam to move, […]

Penrose Stairs..Huh?

How do they work? Or do they work at all? Try to go upstairs…or try to go downstairs. Or heck, try to get off of the stairs! Penrose stairs are named after a father and son who have the last name of Penrose. (The stairs have nothing else to do with pens or flowers.) It […]