Skate Boarder's Home

Grinding Home – a Skateboarder’s Dream

Skate Boarder's HomeOk, we know that people have passions that overtake their lives sometimes. Take that neighbor who loves Beanie Babies, with tons of the little stuffed animals covering every surface in her bedroom. Or the guy who is really into comic books and has piles of them all over the house.

Well, there is a man, a 48 year-old man, who has a company that makes skateboard clothes and shoes and well, he just loves that skating stuff. So he hired an architecture firm named air architecture, to design a fully skate-able house. Yes, he can skate on the curved walls, the furniture, the floors and the ceiling (if he can get up that high.)
The house is a really large tube with everything he needs inside. Let’s see what house we can design for someone who is really into bowling or ultimate frisbee.

Image is from the air architecture website.