lego tower


lego towerWell, we decided to put ourselves to work and build a skyscraper. We wanted a sculpture that could stand on its own, presenting strength and modernization – symbols of the skyscraper in the real world. And so we began.
We had some help from kids and adults alike, and it was great to build. And now we don’t have to keep tripping over Legos hidden in our carpet for an unsuspecting foot. OUCH.

We are sorry we are mentioning Legos so soon after our recent story, (see below or previous) but let’s face it – Legos are really inspired. We are not very excited about the recent kits to build some of the skyscrapers – a Sears Tower kit and a John Hancock building kit. Not sure, but they seem to take all of the creative joy out of it. What do you think about these new kits? Let us know!