Red Square and Perfect Square

Tale of Two Red Squares

Red Square and Perfect SquareLocated in Moscow, Russia, Red Square is a giant plaza paved in reddish bricks. But the name Red Square is not due to that color. The Russian name for it is Krásnaya Plóshchaď which translates to mean red square. Krásnaya also means beautiful. The red color in the name does not relate to communism, as might be believed.

It is a significant landmark because the Kremlin – the major governmental building in Russia – sits on Red Square and all important government ceremonies and events take place there. And, by the way, it is a HUGE plaza.

But hold on, we are not here to talk only of Krásnaya Plóshchaď.

[amazon_link id=”0061915130″ target=”_blank” ]Perfect Square the Book[/amazon_link]We wanted to talk about the book, [amazon_link id=”0061915130″ target=”_blank” ]Perfect Square[/amazon_link]. It is about a red square. Not a place, but rather a red square – a flat, painted, illustrated in a book kind of red square.
On the first page it is devastated by being cut up and shot through with holes. And the rest of the book is spent piecing itself together into a variety of other shapes and things. This book is creative and also philosophical. It is related to architecture because it is about a geometric shape and that is close enough for us.

This book can be read to very young kids and older kids might like it for the philosophical side.

[amazon_image id=”0060256710″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]The Missing Piece[/amazon_image]If you liked Shel Silverstein’s book, [amazon_link id=”0060256710″ target=”_blank” ]The Missing Piece[/amazon_link], you will like this one too.

And here is a raving review of the book, [amazon_link id=”0061915130″ target=”_blank” ]Perfect Square[/amazon_link].