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Dwelling on a Cincinnati Architecture Education Project

You can’t really argue with a program that is a free, hands-on, project-based learning experience for schools, educators and students, grades K-12. Cincinnati is one lucky place indeed! The project called Design Lab is an in-classroom program that includes visits by built-environment professionals who visit the classroom one time per month for four months in a row. […]

Architecture Playground for Kids

Besides great jazz music, yummy beignets (donut-like treats) and a great architectural bike tour of the Lower Ninth Ward, there is now a new reason to visit New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA). At 2828 Thalia Street, you will find “the Imagination Playground – an architect-designed kit of life-sized building blocks as well as a wide array […]


Depending on where you live, you might have bamboo growing in your backyard or neighborhood. It is a plant that grows incredibly quickly and provides an excellent building material. Elora Hardy started a bamboo construction company in Bali, Indonesia because bamboo “… has the compressive force of concrete and the tensile strength of steel, is […]

What? A 3D-Printed Apartment Building?

Yessir, that is what the headline reads: “World’s first 3D-printed apartment building constructed in China” – what the heck? A Chinese company, named WinSun, built a five story building with 3-D printed materials. It was built out of recycled building materials.Pieces were printed with a giant printer and then brought to the building site. Production […]


Blair Kamin has an interesting job. He is an architecture critic. That means that he knows a lot about architecture and then he applies what he knows to give opinions about the built environment which he writes up in books and newspapers, magazines and on the web. So he is NOT an architect, but rather […]

Tale of Two Red Squares

Located in Moscow, Russia, Red Square is a giant plaza paved in reddish bricks. But the name Red Square is not due to that color. The Russian name for it is Krásnaya Plóshchaď which translates to mean red square. Krásnaya also means beautiful. The red color in the name does not relate to communism, as […]

Make it. See it. Read it.

Christy Hale wrote a book about architecture for kids that we admire greatly – titled [amazon_link id=”1600606512″ target=”_blank” ]Dreaming Up: A Celebration of Building, here[/amazon_link] – with illustrations showing kids actively playing with different materials to build structures. On the opposite page of those illustrations there are fine illustrations showing real buildings in the world […]

Grampa and Granny Eames by Eames

This book [amazon_link id=”0847839443″ target=”_blank” ] An Eames Primer: Revised Edition[/amazon_link] was written about designers Ray and Charles Eames by their grandson, Eames Demetrios. It is an excellent introduction to the work of this dynamic duo. Charles and Ray designed all sorts of great things: films, toys, museums and a whole lot of chairs, some […]